About Citystate Asturias Hotel

It began as a dream. The transition of Palawan as a major tourist destination of the country, paradise of the Pacific and reining last frontier. A young couple envisioned a promising idea amidst the decade’s most trying times. A landmark that would represent Puerto Princesa the way it deserves to be; refuge from all cares, a hotel that is a tourist attraction in itself. With strong determination and remarkable hard work, Asturias Hotel rose to bestow brighter prospects for Palawan.

Our History

The take over
On September 06, 2012, the Amb. ALC Holdings & Management Corporation bought and took over Asturias Hotel Palawan and eventually changed its name to Citystate Asturias Hotel Palawan.
Asturias Hotel started back in October 26, 1998. For almost fourteen years, the Hotel has been under the management of the owner and founder Mr. Wilson P. Tan and Mrs. Meredith C. Tan.